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As a Sales Associate at MiniEV, you will be responsible for helping customers find the perfect electric vehicle for their EV needs. You will also be our responsible for providing excellent customer service and promoting our very different payment plan options.





What You’ll Do

  • We partner with some of the best banks for the EV industry to bring you the best products and IT services. Our financial banking and leasing partners are 100% committed to Cloud CRM/IoT/AI, UN SDG sustainability goals. thus true circular IoT economy via EV-innovation, just like us…

Looking for talents

  • We are always looking for talented IT-individuals to join our team. Check out our current job openings and submit your updated application for us today.

Who We serve

  • At MiniEV, we offer a wide range of electric vehicles including Mini EVs, eBikes, and eScooters that you can book, buy, rent, or lease via a payment plan that suits your daily, weekly and monthly budget. Our mission is to provide affordable and eco-friendly transportation (e-mobility) to everyone, everwhere. Join us today...

Who We support

  • Vi samarbejder med nogle af de bedste banker for elbilindustrien for at give dig de bedste produkter og it-tjenester. Vores finansielle bank- og leasingpartnere er forpligtet til Cloud CRM/IoT/AI, FN's SDG bæredygtighedsmål & ægte cirkulær IoT økonomi via EV-innovation, ligesom os...

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