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100 km/h PONY Mini EV 4-seat 3-door, 22" touchscreen, 360º camera & aircondition

100 km/h PONY Mini EV 4-seat 3-door, 22" touchscreen, 360º camera & aircondition

kr 149.000,00Price
Delivery starting from April 2024

100 km/h high-speed Electric Car for European Market
with 170 km driving range and 6 - 8 hours home charge.


4-seat and 3-door PONY Mini EV with 100 km/h Cruise Control, 22 inch Touchscreen Dashboard Computer with Bluetooth Mobile App, plus 360-degree reverse view camera & A/C aircondition.



1. Battery: 102.4V 134Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, Large battery capacity, 150km endurance mileage, easy to travel.


2. Motor: 13Kw PMS Motor, drawing on the principle of differential speed of automobiles, the maximum speed can reach 90km/h, powerful and water proof, lower noise, no carbon brush, maintenance-free.


3. Brake system: Front disc and rear drum with hydraulic system can ensure the safety of driving very well. It has handbrake for parking brake to ensure the car will not slide after parking.


4. LED lights: Full light control system and LED headlights, equipped with turn signals, brake lights and day time running lights with lower power consumption and longer light transmittance.


5. Dashboard: Conjoined Large Screen, comprehensive information display, concise and clear, brightness adjustable, easy to timely understand the power, mileage, etc.


6. Air conditioner: The cooling and heating air conditioning settings are optional and comfortable.


7. Tires: R13 Thicken and widen vacuum tires increase friction and grip,greatly enhancing safety and stability. Steel wheel rim is durable and anti - aging.


8. Plate metal Cover and painting: Excellent comprehensive physical and mechanical property, aging resistance, high strength, easy maintenance. 


9. Seat: The leather is soft and comfortable, Seat can be multi-directional adjustment in four ways, and the ergonomic design makes the seat more comfortable. And there is belt with every seat for safety driving.


10. Doors&Windows: Automobile-grade electric doors and windows is convenient, increasing the comfort of the car.


11. Front Windshield: 3C certified tempered and laminated glass · Improve visual effect and safety performance.


12. Multimedia: It has reverse camera, Bluetooth, video and Radio Entertainment which is more user-friendly and easier to operate.


13. Suspension System: The front suspension is double wishbone independent suspension and the rear suspension is leaf spring dependent suspension with simple structure and excellent stability, lower noise, more durable and reliable.


14. Frame & Chassis: Structures made from auto-level metal plate are designed. Our platform’s low center of gravity helps prevent rollover and keeps you confidently drive. Built on our modular ladder frame chassis, the metal is stamped and welded together for maximum safety. The entire chassis is then dipped into an anti-corrosion bath before heading off for paint and final assembly. Its enclosed design is stronger and safer than others in its class while it also protects passengers from harm, wind, heat or rain.


PONY Mini EV with EEC certificate for Europe
● Colors: White, Cyan, Gray, Pink, Red
● Max. speed: 100 km/h
● Battery Range: 170 KM


● 3 doors and 4 seats model
● Body structure: Full bearing body
● Dimension (mm): 3151*1498*1580
● Wheelbase (mm): 2050
● Front/Rear track (mm): 1290/1290
● Climbing ability (%): ≥20%
● Curb weight (kg): 740

● Battery Management Systems
● Lithium Iron Phosphate (BMS)
● Battery capacity: 13.7 kWh
● Rated voltage: 106.26 V
● Rated capacity: 142 Ah

● Motor type: PMS motor
● Rated power: 13 KW
● Max. power: 20 KW
● Rear bridge ratio: 6.9:1

● Suspension: Front McPherson independent suspension
● Rear trailing arm non-independent suspension 
● Driving type: Rear mounted rear wheel drive
● Brake type: Front disc/Rear drum
● Tire size: 155/65 R13 tire+steel rim

● 20.5 inch Dashboard Computer
● 10.25 inch Double Touchscreen 
● 360º Panoramic image + radar
● ABS+EBD braking systems
● Air conditioning, automatic
● Back door button opening
● Bone double wiper, front
● Central foldable control key
● Central lock , remote control
● Day light
● Drive mode switch, 3 speeds
● Driver airbag, only
● Electric Power Brake, EBS
● EPS electric power steering
● EU charging port for mobile
● Front and rear seats seatbelt
● Front seats 4 direction adjust
● Halogen headlights
● Hand parking brake
● ISOFIX (Child seat interface)
● Knit seat (all-in-one)
● On-board charger
● Plug 12V-power 
● Power window
● Rear seatbelt
● Rear seats entire put down
● Rearview mirror electrical adjustment
● Same color foldable rearview mirror
● Same color outer handle
● Side reflector
● Steering lock
● Sun visors


● White, Pink, Blue, Cyan, Grey    

● Note that all configuration is only for your reference in accordance with EEC homologation.


    Highlights & Speed

    • RWD 100 km/h Top Speed
    • Aircondition by app control
    • Max load: 4 persons, 600kg

    European Parts Warranty

    • 2 years parts 30.000 km 

    • 5 years battery 60.000 km

    Battery Range & Charge

    • 220V 10Ah Home Charging
    • Range per Charge:  170 km
    • 170 km Battery Drive Range
    • 150 km charging in 4 hours
    • Charge, 20-80%: +4 hours
    • Charge, 80-100%: +2 hours
    • Charge, 0-100%: 6-8 hours

    Motor Performance

    • Motor: 13kW PMS-motor
    • Speed Maximum: 100km/h
    • Battery: 134Ah Lithium Iron
    • Power: 102.4V, 110-240V

    Multimedia Dashboard

    • 22 inch Color Touhscreen
    • 360-degree reverse camera
    • Bluetooth App Dashboard
    • CarLife App (supported)
    • FM Radio & Bluetooth
    • Bluetooth Handsfree
    • Bluetooth Music App
    • USB Playback, MP3

    Interior features

    • Electric Power Windows
    • Electric Door Lock Key
    • Auto Windshield Wiper
    • Mobile Phone Holder
    • Cabine Heater & Air

    Exterior features

    • Alu-wheels standard 
    • 4 LED Light Package
    • Suspension Package

    306 x 148 x 158 cm
    Curb Weigt: 730 kg
    Max load: 4 persons
    Max capacity: 600kg

    Available Colors
    Cyan, White, Pink, Blue

    CE, EEC, COC, Rosh


    2 years or 30.000 km parts warranty, battery 5 years or 60.000 km.
    EV-factory gives vehicles parts warranty for 2 years after EV-delivery date or 30.000 km warranty to end customer, whichever comes first. EV-factory also gives battery warranty for 5 years after delivery date, or 60.000 km warranty to end customer, whichever comes first. EV-factory will send any replacement parts, battery or accessories for any defective or malfunctioning parts imported by the EV-seller.


    Authorized dealer will replace EV-parts within any reasonable time.
    After the faulty or defective parts are sent to the authorized dealer (assigned by, the EV-dealer will replace the qualified parts specified in this specific EU-warranty within any reasonable time.


    Verify purchase date by original purchase voucher or service apps.
    When the vehicle is serviced under legal EU-warranty, the consumer should always provide original EV-purchase voucher of purchased vehicle or parts to register or archive with the EV-dealer, while also verifying the date of Mini EV-purchase, which is sent to service app.


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